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Soymilk filter mesh ultra-fine nylon filter mesh

Soymilk filter mesh ultra-fine nylon filter mesh

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Price $ 100
Published 07 of February / 21:09hs
Province Queensland
Locality Cairns & Region
Advertiser: Anonymous

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Soymilk is now available for every soy milk. But when filtering, you need a filter to filter mesh it. A better filter now is an ultra-fine nylon filter mesh. It can be done with five poisonous and tasteless and more wearable. It can be cooked without sticking to the net. It can be easily cleaned and can be used repeatedly.

Food grade nylon filter meshs are available in a variety of densities to meet a variety of requirements. The pulping rate is high, the lines are tight, the filtration is basically slag-free, it is easy to clean, and the durability is also high. Slowly recognized by businesses and families.

Number of choices

80.120 mesh for slag (suitable for coarse filtration)

Such as: stone grinding soy milk residue, wine residue, pueraria residue, sweet potato residue (rough filter)